Antique Board Games

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monopoly Pictures, Images and PhotosFor many families, playing board games is one activity that can be enjoyed by all members of the family, whether young or old.  The first board games to ever hit the market were created during the Victorian era and were quite simple in design.  At the time, a  company named McLoughlin Bros. was one of the first companies to get into building board games.   Early in the companies history they developed advanced color printing techniques for the day that were used to print books.  Soon the company started to build board games but by 1920 the company was bought by Milton Bradley & Company, which is of course the maker of some of the most famous board games ever developed including the Game of Life.  The first version of the Game of Life was actually called The Checkered Game of Life and was released by Milton Bradley in 1861.  Other famous board game makers include Parker Brothers, which is the maker of the highly successful Monopoly game, which ironically was released during the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

For collectible purposes, a valuable antique board game has a number of attributes including a board that is in excellent condition,  a box also in good condition, a manual or directions as well as all game pieces.