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antique_mickey_mouseOnce considered a toy suitable for a child to play with and abuse, antique character toys that date back many years have gained popularity antique collectors all over the world  Antique toys are one of the hottest antiques to collect and their value has increased in recent years to new heights.

Some of the most popular antique toys that have a high collectible value and demand include toys based on television, film and comics.  From lovable cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Popeye and Snoopy to movie cowboys like Hoss Cartwright and the Lone Ranger, antique character toys are in demand.

Take this Antique Mickey Mouse toy for instance.  Dating back to the late 1920’s, this simple toy could sell for as much as $3000 if the proper buyer was found.   No matter what you are looking for, one thing is for sure – collecting antique and vintage toys is perhaps the most fascinating of all collectibles.  For some it brings back fond memories, while for others it gives them a glimpse into the past.


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