History of Matchbox Cars

For most young boys, having a large collection of what we called “dinky cars” was a right of passage.  I had quite a large collection of them, not all actual Matchbox cars, with my favourite being my A-Team van, but I had others as well.  The earliest Matchbox cars can be traced back to 1953 […]


Antique Toy History

History of Toy Robots History of Toy Robots

The history of toy robots is very interesting. The Marshall Plan (named after Secretary... 

History of Tonka Toys History of Tonka Toys

Tonka Toys began under the name Mound Metalcraft Incorporated in an old school house... 

History of Model Trains History of Model Trains

The love of model trains transcends age and gender. It could be because of the memories... 

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Antique Toys: What's Hot?

Antique ViewMaster Reels Antique ViewMaster Reels

View-master has entertained children of all ages for many decades. It is a device... 

Vintage Gunthermann Toy Cars Vintage Gunthermann Toy Cars

In the 1800’s in Germany it was common for Tin or Tinplate toys to be built... 

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Antique & Vintage Toys

Tin Litho Toys Tin Litho Toys

Tin litho toys are made from tinplate which is thin sheets of steel plated with tin. Toys using tinplate began production in the mid 1800s. The material was used because it was an inexpensive yet durable substance for wooden toys. The earliest tin litho toys were made and painted by hand. In the 1850s spring activated tin toys were produced in Germany.... [Read more of this review]

Antique Porcelain Dolls Antique Porcelain Dolls

Antique porcelain dolls are an object that is collected and displayed and the value of antique porcelain dolls depends on many factors. The price of antique porcelain dolls is contingent upon the quality. There is a distinction between a true antique and vintage. A vintage porcelain doll is one from the 1940s and after while an antique porcelain doll... [Read more of this review]

Antique Board Games Antique Board Games

For many families, playing board games is one activity that can be enjoyed by all members of the family, whether young or old.  The first board games to ever hit the market were created during the Victorian era and were quite simple in design.  At the time, a  company named McLoughlin Bros. was one of the first companies to get into building board... [Read more of this review]

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